Friday, August 3, 2012

Hang on, Oliver! A new chance to save him….

This is so exciting!

Oliver was the first little one I actively advocated for. When I first "met" him, he had $13 in his adoption grant and had been laying in a crib, ignored and utterly lonely, for four long, agonizing years.

Today he has $3,536.80 in his grant, and has had serious inquiries from prospective families. So far, none of them has been able to commit.

I had just received some sad news about a family who unfortunately could not go through with adopting Oliver, when the very next day, I received this email out of the blue:

Hello Leila!

My name is Kim and I live in CA with my husband and 1 year old son. We all have Achondroplasia (a type of dwarfism) and found your site looking for information on little Oliver.  ( .  We have truly fallen in love with him and his need to find a family is so great. We have been praying about him for some time now, and I really think the Lord had us find our way to your blog. Unfortunately we are currently unable to adopt at this moment, but your idea of matching his donations completely lit something in our hearts.  We have been talking to Reece's Rainbow and decided that we will match any donations up to $2000 given to him at this point on to try and kick start his grant again. LPA Adoptions (Little People of America) has sadly not received much interest in him, so we were hoping even larger donations to his grant would steer more families to consider his adoption.

Kim and Ronnie D.

So how about it guys? Here we go… A $2,000 matching grant has been offered, and we are now kicking off a two-week push to meet that challenge!

Please click here to donate. And please, if you cannot donate, share, share, share this post!!

His grant was at $3546.80 at the start, so the goal is to get him to $5546.80! Let's watch the numbers grow!



  1. Leila,
    Poor sweet little boy! Please keep advocating hard for him! His family is out there, I just know it. He will touch many hearts. I will be praying the Divine Mercy at three today for Oliver and his future family.

  2. Leila,
    We think you are absolutely wonderful for all you do for these babies. Thank you so much for helping spread the word (again!) about this sweetheart!