Sunday, August 26, 2012

Little Piper needs your help!

A wonderful woman who wishes to remain anonymous has written today's guest post. Please let's all rally to help find Piper a family!

Last month, my husband and I traveled to Eastern Europe to visit the child we’re hoping to adopt. It was a fantastic experience. Plus, we got the opportunity to meet another potential adoptee along the way.

This is Piper:

Piper is a very sweet three-and-a-half year old who lives in a fantastic baby house in a rural area of her country. Piper’s baby house has 43 children, with 11 in her groupa. Piper was only recently transferred into this (the oldest) groupa due to her special need, microencephalopathy. Basically, Piper is small. Although she is nearly four years old, she’s roughly the size of a two year old. She is easily the smallest child in the group.

The baby house Piper lives in is run by a fabulous medical doctor who was very patient and kind to us. Unlike many other adoptive families we’ve spoken to, we were encouraged to observe all aspects of the orphanage, including meal times, snack times, indoor play areas, the outdoor playground, cribs and beds, the baby rooms – everything. We were even allowed to give our child a bath. We were amazed at the openness and the patience that the entire staff gave us. Here’s Piper eating a peeled apple during snack time:

Piper’s doctor related that, in hindsight, Piper was kept with the younger children for longer than necessary. With the older group, she’s coming out of her shell, speaking in complete sentences, and enjoying playing with the other children. She has some orphanage behaviors, including rocking and self soothing, but accepts redirection. Piper was excited to see us! She was friendly with us, and with the other adults and children. She seems quite smart and was always in a great mood when we interacted. In fact, while I was attempting to take a picture of another Reece’s Rainbow child, Piper hopped right in and gave me a big smile!

The baby house itself is a large building in a rural town. We found it to be very well staffed, with adequate supplies and plenty of food. The children were very well taken care of and their love for the orphanage director was evident every time she walked into the room.

Time is limited for Piper. She turns four in October, at which point she will be transferred to either an orphanage or an adult mental institution. It’s likely she won’t fare well there. The two things standing in the way of Piper living a better life are a family and funds for them to adopt her.

Please consider passing along the link to this blog post. Share it on Facebook. Tweet it. Visit Piper’s page on Reece’s Rainbow, here. Consider making a donation. Every dollar gets her one step closer to finding the family that will improve her life tremendously.

Thank you so much for caring about the fate of this beautiful child!



  1. It feels so wrong to vote for one child over another, though. I voted for her...

  2. Manda, I hear ya. My only consolation is that all of those girls, by being put out there in that small group, are getting good exposure, more than they would have if they had not been put up for the vote. When dealing in something as awful as this (babies in dire straits), we have to swallow the medicine in hopes that even stuff like this helps them all...