Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh my gosh, watch this video!! This three-year-old will grab your heart and never let go...

I am always so struck when I see an orphan on Reece's Rainbow described as "happy"! It means that the spirit inside that child has not been snuffed out but is still beautiful, still hopeful. It means that the child is able to experience great joy, even when all of life's odds are against him.

Sweet Ivan K is just such a child, a special little man who is known for his cheerfulness! He is just three years old and diagnosed with Apert Syndrome, and yet he has an upbeat nature that frankly many of us healthy folks don't have.

Unfortunately, Ivan's physical problems need to be addressed immediately. An update from November 2011 states: "He needs surgery very soon or he will miss the window of opportunity to correct the fusion of his skull bones before it damages his brain." Ivan K.'s intelligence is fully intact, so this is truly an urgent situation. There is no more time to waste.

Will you please come and save me? Are you my mama?

Look at those beautiful eyes!!!

In America, his surgery would have been performed long ago. But in his home country, he still waits for someone special in America to see him, and to want him, and to take him home. 

Ivan is a smart little boy (the caretakers have emphasized this over and over!) who understands everything that is said to him, but who cannot talk at all because of a partially cleft palate, another condition that can be corrected in America with surgery. The doctor in his home country believes that he has a "favorable prognosis", and he should do well! 

If only he can get to America to get his treatment in time.

Ivan's life is precious and full of potential. 

Look at that face! Who wouldn't want to grab him, pick him up and hug him, and never let him go? 

If you don't already want to, you will in a minute, as we are so blessed to have a bit of video of Ivan, too! You can see a short bit of him at around 38 seconds, and a little longer clip just after the two minute mark: 

Oh my gosh, is he not adorable??? Seriously, who can resist him?? Can you just see his daddy with him someday, playing cars on the floor? 

Ivan has a sizeable grant of over $4200 that will go towards his adoption expenses, and praise God, he also has the love of a wonderful woman named Heidi who will do anything in her power to help a family bring him home.

More pictures are available of Ivan, as is his complete medical history.

Please, take that leap of faith for this smart and happy little boy whose future depends on his finding a family as soon as humanly possible. He really does not have much time left to keep him happy.

If you cannot adopt Ivan, won't you please share his story or link this to your blog? Maybe tweet it or link it to facebook?

It only takes one "mama" to make this child an orphan no more.

Click Ivan's photo for more information on this precious, worthy boy.



  1. Oh my gosh, he's too too cute!!!

  2. Incredible little boy! Get him here!

  3. He is adorable. I hope that someone soon comes for him. I'm going to be starting a blog soon; just about simple little catechism lessons for children that we do for our own kids at home--I would be happy to also incorporate some of these children into the blog.

    I know that this wasn't part of your post and I don't mean to take attention away from Ivan, but who are those two little boys in the cribs? It broke my heart to see one of them crying and the nanny just put him in a different position and left him like that. I then turned it off because I couldn't stand to see them left in those cribs.

    I'm all about rest and stimulation--whenever my kids don't get a good balance of either one, I get very nervous for them. Stimulation is just as important as rest. Sometimes when Dennis leaves Henry in the stroller too long when he works in the garage I even get agitated with him, because I can't stand to see that bored and uninterested face that Henry gets from just sitting there. That's why it's almost unbearable for me to see these poor children neglected in their cribs...

    1. Becky, your blog idea sounds great! And, the good news is that one of the little babies in the crib (the more active one) has been adopted and home with his family for a while now! Not sure yet about the other one. Praise God, as the more people see them, the more they will be moved to go get them!

  4. Ivan's case makes me so sad. Everyone wants to help him, but no one seems to be able to help find his family. And his need is so time-sensitive and so desperate.

  5. Watching him play with the cars, that boy's spirit is impressive!!! So sad that he is still waiting. Praying a family comes for him soon.
    Thank you for blogging about him!!!!

  6. Ivan is absolutely precious!!!

  7. How exciting that this precious little boy now has a family! God has truly answered prayers!

  8. http://reecesrainbow.org/46472/sponsorwade

    Yes, it is a great blessing!! His family now needs a lot of monetary help to bring him home, so I have posted the link to his fund, above.