Sunday, August 19, 2012

Please don't ignore her. She's been overlooked all her life.

Can you see the perfect child inside?

Marla is a loving five-year-old girl who has severe CP, and who is at imminent risk of transfer to an adult institution. The photo on the left is the more recent one, and she appears to be going downhill, doesn't she? Clearly, she is malnourished and is essentially bedridden. Once she is transferred (God forbid), things will get much worse for Marla. Please, we cannot let that happen!

Marla was brought to my attention by an incredible woman, Sandra McKinney, who has become a powerful adoption advocate. In fact, the whole family loves and advocates for Marla. Talk about impressive:

First, her daughter Gracie, age 13, wrote this post about Marla:

And her daughter Cassandra, age 17, who has cerebral palsy herself, wrote this:

Amazing young women, doing what they can for love of this special, helpless, motherless girl.

And now there is a concrete way that the McKinney family is helping Marla. If you have a facebook, and if you love buying and/or selling used books, you can help Marla and have fun at the same time!

Look at those low prices! And all the money goes to Marla's adoption grant. You can also donate some of your books for the auction. Who doesn't love books?

And really, would couldn't love sweet, beautiful, innocent Marla? Pray for her, advocate for her, consider taking her home as your own daughter. Few are as helpless and desperate as she. May the Lord keep her in the palm of His hand until she is delivered safely to a loving family.

Please click here to be taken to Marla's RR profile page.



  1. I really hope someone comes for Marla. Out of all the billions that live in this world, there has to be SOMEONE. I read the blogs of both teenage girls and found them both to be very impressive. It gives you hope!

  2. She's up to almost $100 now.