Monday, August 13, 2012

Quick Reminder if you forgot!

I am the kind of person who needs about twelve reminders if some detail or task does not require my immediate attention.

So, when I announced the $2,000 Oliver matching grant a week ago, I know that most people put it out of their minds to wait until later. I totally understand!

If you were thinking of donating even a dollar or two (which will be doubled instantly!), please consider doing so now, while you are still thinking of it:

Oliver's grant (donation button on the bottom)

We are halfway through the two-week challenge, and are almost halfway there!!

Here is the couple providing the generous grant:

They and their son have a form of dwarfism as does Oliver, so he is near and dear to their hearts.

Oliver is five years old and will be transferred soon.

Please help save me! 

Thank you all so very much!!


  1. Leila, sorry for what may be a very obvious question, but does the donations keep Oliver from being transferred?

  2. Becky, sadly, no. But if a family comes for him sooner, he will spend less time there once they do transfer him. So, we need to get his grant to a point where a family who is discerning might be able to take that leap sooner.

  3. OR if they know a family is coming for him they won't transfer him! :D
    Praying Oliver gets a family NOW!