Monday, August 6, 2012

Sometimes it really is a matter of life or death.

Dear, sweet Wyatt.

A lot of people have been watching Wyatt for a long time. But no one has yet been moved to adopt him. 

He doesn't have a lot of time to wait, because his health is precarious. But he's hanging on, and as you can see by his two photos (the one on the right is the "before" shot), he appears to be doing better lately. With proper medical care, this boy can be saved. He can thrive!

This darling little one is only three years old. He deserves a mama. He needs someone to come and save him. Please spread the word to any big-hearted folks you know. Someone will see him and just know that he is supposed to be home --  a concept this little guy has never known. Yet.

(Please consider following Lisa's blog, Wyatt's Warriors, to keep up with his news. Also, please consider adding it to your blog roll!)


Oh, and sweet Haven:

Who would not want to scoop her up and comfort her, especially after reading this:

Girl, Born March 2006 Poor Haven……sweet little girl.   Such a pretty girl burdened with such medical and cognitive difficulties….and no mama to love her through them. 
From her medical records:  celiac disease, CP, toxic Hepatitis, hypotrophy of III stage. 
From our team who visited there: Haven is afraid of strangers and would not interact with us. :(
This precious girl, just six years old, needs the love of a family. Can't you just imagine how she would blossom within the safety of a real home?

Please, shout for Haven! Tell people that she is in need. God will provide, but He asks us to act.

Today, I am praying for families for Wyatt and Haven. Won't you join me? And won't you consider that maybe you are the family for one of these little ones?


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