Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sweet cheeks, ahhhhhh! Someone go and squeeze that baby girl for me!!

Yana, Yana, Yana!!! She is too cute! How can anyone resist this face??

Don't even try to resist me!

Goodness gracious, I can't help but smile as I type this, and believe me it's unusual to smile when writing up stories and posting pictures about special needs orphans who desperately need families!

But look at her! I mean, seriously!? I want to kiss those cheeks and grab that little hand and just hold her close! She is practically edible!

Yana is one year old now (born May 2011), and she has Down Syndrome and a treatable heart condition as many babies with DS do. The earlier she gets it fixed, the better, with an excellent prognosis.

Yana's region is described as a "fabulous region to visit", with the restrictions that only married couples may adopt, and that there be no more than four children at home.

Apparently, sweet Yana had a family that had committed to her in the past, but those plans did not work out, and so she still waits…maybe for you?

Meanwhile, folks an ocean away from her have come to her aid, including wonderful Michelle, who first alerted me to this adorable child. And then more recently, Michelle alerted me to amazing Laura*, who is putting on a facebook auction for Yana, here:

Check out the items and do some early Christmas shopping! All proceeds will go to Yana's adoption grant.

Please, someone go get this cutie before she gets any older! She will benefit so greatly from a family right now, while she is still so young and squishy!

As usual, I beg you to share this page and get the word out. Once her face is on computer screens across America, she will not be an orphan for long!

Thank you so much, guys…. Working as a team, we will get Yana safely home. :)

*More pictures of Yana on Laura's blog!