Sunday, September 30, 2012

Okay, I don't usually do this, but...

…no one is noticing this win-win no-brainer that's going on (I only just tonight noticed it myself!), so I want to tell you about a way to help one family bring their boy home (they are traveling in two weeks!), that won't end up costing you a penny. In fact, you will make money on this offer, while helping to fully fund this family.

Rachelle and Stephen Feinland are adopting five-year-old Silas, this beautiful sweetheart with CP. He was set to be transferred in the coming months and bedridden for life if it hadn't been for the Feinlands stepping forward to save him:

Well, it turns out that Rachelle had a fantastic idea for a fundraiser, which has gone all but unnoticed. No one seems to "get" how good this is, and that it will not cost them a penny in the end. It's a discount card that you can buy for $20 (I'm buying mine tonight!) that instantly pays you back and then some as you get a bonus card worth $25 just for spending the $20 for the card/donation. And on top of that… Well, I will let Rachelle explain what you get for your donation, and it's a lot. This is from her blog:

Hello there! I want to remind everyone that we are still selling these amazing discount cards. Many people have asked, and YES they are good NATIONWIDE! No matter where you go, there are discounts available! The discounts are at restaurants, department stores, specialty stores, movies, golf & so much more. Please share this with friends & family!
Here are some of the discounts available:

Macy's 15% off
Aeropostale 20% off
AMC Theaters $6.50 tickets
Office Depot 50% off
Smoothie King 50 cents off
Disney World buy 4 days get 1 free
Men's Warehouse 50% off
Edible Arrangements $5 off
Coldwater Creek 10% off
French Quarter History Tour BOGO
Mardi Gras World $3 off admission
Naturalizer 10% off

There is also a bonus gift certificate that comes with these cards!

Help us bring Silas home and save you money at the same time!

Discounts can be viewed and cards can be purchases HERE.


Okay, so the more I think about this, it's a beyond a NO-BRAINER. You pay $20 to get this card. You instantly have made a $5 profit, because you get the bonus restaurant certificate worth $25, and then the card itself gives you these discounts and more, for a full year (you can use the discounts multiple times).

Go and make money, while helping this wonderful family bring their sweet boy home! If Rachelle sells the number of cards she committed to, she will be fully funded! If not, she is in dire straits.

Click here and get started. You do NOT have to put her name in when you order, as she is the only recipient!

I'm going to get mine now!

To learn more about the Feinlands go here. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask Rachelle via her blog, or email me at

PS: I remember the old discount coupon books we used to sell for school fundraisers, and those always made your money back and then some, but they were so limited. You could only use some of the discounts once, and there weren't as many options. Heck, AMC Theater tix, Macy's discount, and Office Depot are going to be used right away by the Millers, I'll tell you that. Not to mention we love going out to eat, so that certificate will be gobbled up quickly!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meet joyful Konner!

**NOTE: All my tabs (except Nicholas' for the scavenger hunt) are DOWN. I have no idea why. I will try to fix this as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can search all the children at Reece's Rainbow.

Oh, my goodness!

Please meet sweet Konner, who is three years old and has spina bifida (which has been surgically corrected).

This is a child who, if he had been born in America, would be happily part of a family, right in step with his peers, and living the good life with no limits on his potential. Unfortunately, he was born in a land that generally institutionalizes children with special needs, even if those needs are relatively minor. It appears that little Konner has had good treatment and is very much a happy, bright, and active little boy! He looks well cared for and as if he's had lots of stimulation in the baby house. 

However, as good as things may be now, every year that he waits for a real family, and for good medical attention, is a year that he loses. Precious time that cannot be retrieved. Konner is at a perfect age to be adopted, as he's still a toddler and has not been transferred out of his baby house -- an event which will no doubt shake up his sense of security and disrupt his development. It's imperative that he be adopted now.

Here he is in his most recent photo, which you can click on for more information:

Konner, age 3!

Two more earlier photos of this love:

Konner, age 2!
Konner, age 2 months!

It his hard to resist this smiling face, isn't it?

His RR profile says that he has a quiet nature, which is such a lovely combination with the joy he radiates! This is a very special boy, and he will make a wonderful son to some very blessed family. Are you his family? Will you think about it, and more importantly, will you pray about it?

Konner has a Guardian Angel, Amber Middleton, who loves and advocates for him on a blog she made especially for him. Amber says:
If Konner has not been adopted by his fourth birthday, he will be sent to live in a mental institution, despite the fact that he is a cognitively typical child. At that time, he may or may not be available for adoption.
He has a little less than a year left, and Amber and all those who love Konner would help rally and fundraise to get this boy home. But first, he simply needs a family to commit, to be willing to take a chance on this beautiful, joy-filled boy!

And if you cannot be his family, will you please share his shining face with everyone you know?

God bless you!


Monday, September 24, 2012

I got this email last night from Heidi!

In its entirety:

Guys, I am speechless tonight.

Seriously.   And I'm not often speechless.

Tonight, however, we were offered a donation to our adoption fund that totally took all the words out of my mouth.   Remember Johnny and Ali?  Remember their adoption of little Seraphia that fell through at the very last moment?

They are offering their saved adoption funds (and their fundraised dollars) to our Peter.

They have offered to match, dollar-for-dollar, every single donation that comes in to our fund until we hit our fully funded mark of $16,500 (we have about $5K left to go).

I'm pretty sure we've maxed out our Facebook audience, personally.  This might motivate some people to donate or share who didn't before this, but I know that the only way this will work is if we can get it out to a larger "audience." 

Could I beg you to share it, in anyway you can?  Blog, facebook, what-have-you?   Anything you can do to help me get the word out?  I'm overwhelmed by Johnny and Ali's generosity, especially when they've been through so much suffering this past year of their own, and I don't want to waste it.  I want them to see their gift blossom and grow, because I know they'll be watching.  ;-)

Can you help me spread the word?




For more information on what happened to Johnny and Ali, which makes this offer so much more incredible and moving, go to Heidi's latest post, here, where she links to the story. You will not soon forget it.


Also, for those of you who love the fundraising auctions (and want to get some Christmas shopping done early), here are two new auction for Andrew and for the Middleton girls (Yulia and Elaine). There are some great items, some with no bids! Check them out:

My personal favorite item on from that auction is the handmade Raggedy Mummy!


My personal favorite item from that auction, a Viking baby hat! No bids yet!

Happy bidding!!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Margaret has died. Please don't let Giselle meet the same fate.

Today the Reece's Rainbow community got word that little Margaret, who had a family ready to commit, has died. She is the sixth child featured on RR known to have died this year. There may be others we don't yet know about. All of them were available for adoption, all died while waiting to be rescued.

And so my heart turns to five-year-old Giselle. I worry so much about Giselle, and I don't want her to be the next little one to give up. Giselle is oh, so fragile. Looking at her, you'd think she'd break if touched. 

Just imagine how good nutrition, medical care, and a family's love would help turn this child from a broken, dying flower into a giggly, rosy-cheeked dynamo! Picture her with color in her face, a twinkle in her eye, and long flowing locks! Can you just see her as Mommy's girl and Daddy's princess?

But instead, she is languishing, frail and weak. She is severely malnourished, and the bitterly cold winter is approaching in Eastern Europe. Many orphanages there do not have heat. And Giselle has no body fat to keep her warm.

Click photo for more info. Giselle's most tragic diagnosis, to me, is the severe malnutrition. The other diagnoses may or may not be accurate. Sometimes, when a child gets home to proper medical care in America, diagnoses change or disappear.

From her profile, we read the simple truth:
Miss Giselle has struggled her whole life. She desperately needs a loving family of her own. She is facing imminent transfer.
My instinct tells me that she will not survive long after transfer. Please consider that she might be your daughter. And if you know that she cannot be, please pray for her, that she may stay strong and not lose hope, and that a family may get to her soon.

And I beg you to share this, even (and especially) if you have never shared the orphans before. You might be surprised at the response. And you could be responsible for saving a child's life.


This appeal for Giselle is made in loving memory of Margaret, who never made it to an earthly home, but is now home with God.

Friday, September 14, 2012

"Loves to cuddle and be cuddled"

Archie is a snuggle bug. He is soft and gentle and precious. He is an angel baby, who quietly loves everyone and everything around him.

He is also facing transfer from his baby house to an adult mental institution very soon.

He is in great need of rescue.

I think think this video will give you some good insight into "Archie Sunny Boy":

For another (unlisted) video, go here. And there is another one, so absolutely sweet, here.

Did you watch? Isn't he irresistible?

There is more info available if you would like to contact me* about this squeezable, edible, precious, shy and snuggly boy!

NO WAY can we let this vulnerable, trusting little angel go to the adult mental institution. Such a transfer would be unthinkable.

Please, share and share and share. Share with people whom you've never shared with before. It only takes one person to see him and rescue him. He simply cannot be among the lost.

From his profile:

The boy has very tender, affectionate, cheerful and forgiving personality.  He does not hesitate approaching to people and looks with interest at what they are doing and truly tries to emulate. He is doing it in such a cute way that these attempts turn out to be very funny to watch! … The whole world is like a puzzle to him. When he hears a sound whether by tram or car – it is the whole event in his life. He stops and looks to the side, where sound occurs. When he is given toys he can play alone and will quietly deal with himself, allowing the rest to others.

The child needs tactile sensations very much. He loves to cuddle and be cuddled. He is not doing it in a demanding, but gentle and neat way. He is independent and if falls he not waiting for help from an adult. He’s just not accustomed to it and is not expecting that it someone might be interested in him. … [Archie] responds quickly to someone’s smile with a soft laughter.  

Click my photo for more information!

God bless you a million times over for helping this little bundle of light find a loving home!

*Email me at:


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Losing a mother, gaining a daughter

Just a few days ago, Lisa Matthews lost her beloved mother and best friend, Lanora Ann Woolley, known as Ann. I don't know what it's like to lose a mother, but I have heard it's like no other loss in the world. There is a sense of being untethered, wandering, like a child lost and looking for a home that can't be found. It's a hard road, and though countless folks have walked it, it's the most isolated road in the world.

There is another motherless daughter on this earth, a tiny girl dubbed "Carissa", but soon to be named Christiana.

She is five years old, isolated, alone, not even knowing what a mother is. This little bird is unaware that a mama of her very own is trying to get to her, to scoop her up, hug her, kiss her, comfort her, protect her, and love her all of her days. As the severe mercies of life would have it, it is Lisa, so recently left without her own mother, who is to be the mama that Christiana so desperately needs.

Christiana lives in the "Bad Place". Do you remember the Bad Place? I've written about it, here. Once it settles in your mind, it's hard to forget, and all you'll ever want is for the place to be emptied out. No one should ever live there, most especially children. Slowly, some children have gotten out as wonderful families have come for them, while others still wait, in dire straits.

Lisa Matthews and her husband are trying desperately to get to Christiana, doing everything in their power to raise the ransom needed. They have made a good start, but they still have many, many thousands left to be fully funded, and it seems overwhelming. But now more than ever, Lisa's very inspiration for motherhood, her own mom, is pushing her forward.

When Ann learned of her daughter's intention to adopt a special needs orphan from overseas, her response was to support the endeavor with great joy! As Lisa recounts, "She and Daddy put Christiana's photograph in their living room for everyone to see. They told everyone about their newest grandchild-to-be, the little girl across the sea."

We now know that grandma and granddaughter will never meet on this earth, but we also know, with Jesus Christ as our model, that love is eternal -- transcending and even mocking death.

Lisa knows this truth, and she knows the unbreakable bond between mother and child:
I've learned one thing from my Mom's death. I've learned the last lesson she had to teach me - that no matter how old you are, your mother is the center of your heart. I've learned how very much my children must love and need me.  
I've learned how vital a mother is to a child.  
Soon... we will have travel dates. We will have permission to meet our daughter across the sea. Knowing how much she must need me, even if she doesn't know it, yet breaks my heart.   
Please... please help us get to her. Help me give my daughter what my Mom gave me.  Love. Unconditional and eternal love. Help me hold her and teach her a mother's love for her child.  
If there is any way you can help this family financially, so that they might reach and rescue their lonely little girl more quickly, please donate to their tax deductible fund, here. And please know how grateful Lisa and her husband are for whatever you can spare. God has a way of multiplying even the smallest of gifts.

Also, they are running a facebook auction that you are cordially invited to visit! If you see something you like, please bid and get the family one step closer to bringing their daughter home:

You can also follow their journey on Lisa's own blog, here.

Share Lisa's story, share Christiana's photos, share their facebook auction, and please, more than anything, pray. Pray for Lisa's broken heart, pray for a little girl with a broken life across the ocean, pray that the family's healing can begin by restoring motherhood to a little lost child, in loving memory of a mother who left behind a beautiful legacy.

And pray that both Lisa and Christiana feel the presence of the One who in reality is always walking that lonely road with them, sustaining and loving them at every step.

In loving memory of Lanora Ann Woolley

Click the image above to donate. God bless you.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sweet Baby Janie!

Sweet baby girl! My maternal instinct is kicking in and I want to just pick her up and hold her tight.

Janie is a six-year-old little girl who is not much noticed, but who deserves to be seen and loved and cherished. She needs a home and a family, and she needs them fast. 

This beauty is like a porcelain doll, but much more huggable!

Janie has been lucky so far: She is still at the baby house as far as we know. However, she could be transferred to a mental institution at any time, which would be such a tragedy. She would be bedridden for the rest of her days, if she is not rescued.

From her profile:

Janie is a beautiful little girl who struggles with the effects of FAS. She also has CP and some effects of hydrocephaly. She is not able to walk on her own, and will need the loving and patient care of a family to help her achieve her potential.

Please look into her eyes and see that potential. She is a child of God, and she is precious and worthy. Her conditions have challenges, it's true, but there is so much more that can be done for her here in the States than what is provided for her in her home country. Surely there are special folks out there, heroes among us, who could rise to the occasion and give Janie the physical and emotional support she needs to thrive.

If you are that person, or if you know someone who might be, please click her photo for more information. And please share Janie's profile or this post with others. We think that sharing a profile or a blog post can't possibly help, and yet this very act -- this quick and simple act -- has saved countless lives.

Janie has a Guardian Angel who prays for her, and she has received the blessing of over $2800 in grant money to be used for her adoption expenses. She is loved from afar, but she needs to be loved up close now.

Please don't forget Janie. Pray for her. Share her photo.

Consider her.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

We interrupt this Orphan Report...

… to do a little analysis.

Half of the battle in saving international special needs orphans is getting the orphans seen. The more exposure, the more chance a family will come for them. My last few posts have been all about the exposure.

Exposure works, and there's been an exciting success story on this blog recently! One of the boys who had been on my tabs since the beginning, Nicholas, is soon to be an orphan no more! A new reader was clicking through the tabs last month, and when she saw his face, she was stopped in her tracks. She felt like she had found her son. She and her husband, neither of whom had any thoughts of adopting to that point, quickly committed to bringing Nicholas home! This whole blog has been worthwhile.

Mama's coming, Nicholas!! No more crying in your sleep!

The other half of the battle is getting the children home after a family is found and commits. That part is all about funding. There is no point in lamenting it, as it is what it is. All told, these adoptions cost between $15,000 and $50,000, depending on the country. Not many people have that kind of money lying around, obviously. Mentally, I think of it as a ransom.

So to pay the ransom for their children, families fundraise. They beg, plead, grovel. And they also get really creative. Auctions, bake sales, yard sales, craft sales, contests, giveaways, you name it, it's been done.

When I first "met" Sylvia Middleton months ago, she was trying to reunite her first adopted special needs daughter with a cribmate back at the Eastern European orphanage. I made a promise to help her raise the needed funds to save that second child. Since then, Sylvia and her husband have committed to bringing home another little girl, eight years old, who had been largely forgotten.


The Middletons have already raised most of the money they need, but are currently stalled. The stall is inducing a bit of panic, as they are traveling to get their girls within 5 - 6 weeks, and they remain about $6,000 short. This is a doable amount, however, and this is where I and other friends come in. We are directing your attention to Sylvia's creative and incentivized Baby Shower, where you can donate towards certain items, i.e., a meal while they are in-country, a night of housing, or part of the cost of a flight. You will see what I mean when you look, here.

It's really a win-win, because as you donate to help get their girls home, you gain entries into drawings for some amazing prizes like an iPad, a flat screen TV, a Keurig, cold hard cash, and much more (your choice). And whether or not you donate, you can also get an entry just for sharing the Baby Shower on your facebook*, twitter or blog!

I'm going to sweeten the pot here: The first ten people who donate $50 to the Middleton fund will get to have the Reece's Rainbow child of his/her choice put on a tab at the top of this blog. The very tabs that resulted in Nicholas' mom finding him!

And if that is not enough to move you to donate towards the girls' ransom, I will send you a video of me begging. Yes, I am willing to do it for them!! But please, don't make me. ;) Just click this link instead, and donate on the top right:

God bless you!! And next post, we are back to our regularly schedule line-up of orphans who need exposure to find families!

*If you normally find it uncomfortable to share orphan posts on facebook, or if this is your first time trying it, here is a tip that has worked well for me: Just put your cursor over the "recommend" button below this post, then close your eyes and click your mouse really quick and run away! Try it! It's painless, and it's almost fun! And the fruits might astound you.