Monday, September 24, 2012

I got this email last night from Heidi!

In its entirety:

Guys, I am speechless tonight.

Seriously.   And I'm not often speechless.

Tonight, however, we were offered a donation to our adoption fund that totally took all the words out of my mouth.   Remember Johnny and Ali?  Remember their adoption of little Seraphia that fell through at the very last moment?

They are offering their saved adoption funds (and their fundraised dollars) to our Peter.

They have offered to match, dollar-for-dollar, every single donation that comes in to our fund until we hit our fully funded mark of $16,500 (we have about $5K left to go).

I'm pretty sure we've maxed out our Facebook audience, personally.  This might motivate some people to donate or share who didn't before this, but I know that the only way this will work is if we can get it out to a larger "audience." 

Could I beg you to share it, in anyway you can?  Blog, facebook, what-have-you?   Anything you can do to help me get the word out?  I'm overwhelmed by Johnny and Ali's generosity, especially when they've been through so much suffering this past year of their own, and I don't want to waste it.  I want them to see their gift blossom and grow, because I know they'll be watching.  ;-)

Can you help me spread the word?




For more information on what happened to Johnny and Ali, which makes this offer so much more incredible and moving, go to Heidi's latest post, here, where she links to the story. You will not soon forget it.


Also, for those of you who love the fundraising auctions (and want to get some Christmas shopping done early), here are two new auction for Andrew and for the Middleton girls (Yulia and Elaine). There are some great items, some with no bids! Check them out:

My personal favorite item on from that auction is the handmade Raggedy Mummy!


My personal favorite item from that auction, a Viking baby hat! No bids yet!

Happy bidding!!


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