Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Losing a mother, gaining a daughter

Just a few days ago, Lisa Matthews lost her beloved mother and best friend, Lanora Ann Woolley, known as Ann. I don't know what it's like to lose a mother, but I have heard it's like no other loss in the world. There is a sense of being untethered, wandering, like a child lost and looking for a home that can't be found. It's a hard road, and though countless folks have walked it, it's the most isolated road in the world.

There is another motherless daughter on this earth, a tiny girl dubbed "Carissa", but soon to be named Christiana.

She is five years old, isolated, alone, not even knowing what a mother is. This little bird is unaware that a mama of her very own is trying to get to her, to scoop her up, hug her, kiss her, comfort her, protect her, and love her all of her days. As the severe mercies of life would have it, it is Lisa, so recently left without her own mother, who is to be the mama that Christiana so desperately needs.

Christiana lives in the "Bad Place". Do you remember the Bad Place? I've written about it, here. Once it settles in your mind, it's hard to forget, and all you'll ever want is for the place to be emptied out. No one should ever live there, most especially children. Slowly, some children have gotten out as wonderful families have come for them, while others still wait, in dire straits.

Lisa Matthews and her husband are trying desperately to get to Christiana, doing everything in their power to raise the ransom needed. They have made a good start, but they still have many, many thousands left to be fully funded, and it seems overwhelming. But now more than ever, Lisa's very inspiration for motherhood, her own mom, is pushing her forward.

When Ann learned of her daughter's intention to adopt a special needs orphan from overseas, her response was to support the endeavor with great joy! As Lisa recounts, "She and Daddy put Christiana's photograph in their living room for everyone to see. They told everyone about their newest grandchild-to-be, the little girl across the sea."

We now know that grandma and granddaughter will never meet on this earth, but we also know, with Jesus Christ as our model, that love is eternal -- transcending and even mocking death.

Lisa knows this truth, and she knows the unbreakable bond between mother and child:
I've learned one thing from my Mom's death. I've learned the last lesson she had to teach me - that no matter how old you are, your mother is the center of your heart. I've learned how very much my children must love and need me.  
I've learned how vital a mother is to a child.  
Soon... we will have travel dates. We will have permission to meet our daughter across the sea. Knowing how much she must need me, even if she doesn't know it, yet breaks my heart.   
Please... please help us get to her. Help me give my daughter what my Mom gave me.  Love. Unconditional and eternal love. Help me hold her and teach her a mother's love for her child.  
If there is any way you can help this family financially, so that they might reach and rescue their lonely little girl more quickly, please donate to their tax deductible fund, here. And please know how grateful Lisa and her husband are for whatever you can spare. God has a way of multiplying even the smallest of gifts.

Also, they are running a facebook auction that you are cordially invited to visit! If you see something you like, please bid and get the family one step closer to bringing their daughter home:

You can also follow their journey on Lisa's own blog, here.

Share Lisa's story, share Christiana's photos, share their facebook auction, and please, more than anything, pray. Pray for Lisa's broken heart, pray for a little girl with a broken life across the ocean, pray that the family's healing can begin by restoring motherhood to a little lost child, in loving memory of a mother who left behind a beautiful legacy.

And pray that both Lisa and Christiana feel the presence of the One who in reality is always walking that lonely road with them, sustaining and loving them at every step.

In loving memory of Lanora Ann Woolley

Click the image above to donate. God bless you.

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