Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meet joyful Konner!

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Oh, my goodness!

Please meet sweet Konner, who is three years old and has spina bifida (which has been surgically corrected).

This is a child who, if he had been born in America, would be happily part of a family, right in step with his peers, and living the good life with no limits on his potential. Unfortunately, he was born in a land that generally institutionalizes children with special needs, even if those needs are relatively minor. It appears that little Konner has had good treatment and is very much a happy, bright, and active little boy! He looks well cared for and as if he's had lots of stimulation in the baby house. 

However, as good as things may be now, every year that he waits for a real family, and for good medical attention, is a year that he loses. Precious time that cannot be retrieved. Konner is at a perfect age to be adopted, as he's still a toddler and has not been transferred out of his baby house -- an event which will no doubt shake up his sense of security and disrupt his development. It's imperative that he be adopted now.

Here he is in his most recent photo, which you can click on for more information:

Konner, age 3!

Two more earlier photos of this love:

Konner, age 2!
Konner, age 2 months!

It his hard to resist this smiling face, isn't it?

His RR profile says that he has a quiet nature, which is such a lovely combination with the joy he radiates! This is a very special boy, and he will make a wonderful son to some very blessed family. Are you his family? Will you think about it, and more importantly, will you pray about it?

Konner has a Guardian Angel, Amber Middleton, who loves and advocates for him on a blog she made especially for him. Amber says:
If Konner has not been adopted by his fourth birthday, he will be sent to live in a mental institution, despite the fact that he is a cognitively typical child. At that time, he may or may not be available for adoption.
He has a little less than a year left, and Amber and all those who love Konner would help rally and fundraise to get this boy home. But first, he simply needs a family to commit, to be willing to take a chance on this beautiful, joy-filled boy!

And if you cannot be his family, will you please share his shining face with everyone you know?

God bless you!



  1. Konner is a sweetheart!

    Leila, I've tried multiple times to become a guardian angel for a child, but every time I get to a child's profile page, i don't see any link on how to become a guardian angel. What am I missing?

  2. http://reecesrainbow.org/sponsorship/guardian-angel-project

    Becky, go here! It says to email Laurie and has a link! :)

  3. Konner is on my very short list. Love him so!