Sunday, September 30, 2012

Okay, I don't usually do this, but...

…no one is noticing this win-win no-brainer that's going on (I only just tonight noticed it myself!), so I want to tell you about a way to help one family bring their boy home (they are traveling in two weeks!), that won't end up costing you a penny. In fact, you will make money on this offer, while helping to fully fund this family.

Rachelle and Stephen Feinland are adopting five-year-old Silas, this beautiful sweetheart with CP. He was set to be transferred in the coming months and bedridden for life if it hadn't been for the Feinlands stepping forward to save him:

Well, it turns out that Rachelle had a fantastic idea for a fundraiser, which has gone all but unnoticed. No one seems to "get" how good this is, and that it will not cost them a penny in the end. It's a discount card that you can buy for $20 (I'm buying mine tonight!) that instantly pays you back and then some as you get a bonus card worth $25 just for spending the $20 for the card/donation. And on top of that… Well, I will let Rachelle explain what you get for your donation, and it's a lot. This is from her blog:

Hello there! I want to remind everyone that we are still selling these amazing discount cards. Many people have asked, and YES they are good NATIONWIDE! No matter where you go, there are discounts available! The discounts are at restaurants, department stores, specialty stores, movies, golf & so much more. Please share this with friends & family!
Here are some of the discounts available:

Macy's 15% off
Aeropostale 20% off
AMC Theaters $6.50 tickets
Office Depot 50% off
Smoothie King 50 cents off
Disney World buy 4 days get 1 free
Men's Warehouse 50% off
Edible Arrangements $5 off
Coldwater Creek 10% off
French Quarter History Tour BOGO
Mardi Gras World $3 off admission
Naturalizer 10% off

There is also a bonus gift certificate that comes with these cards!

Help us bring Silas home and save you money at the same time!

Discounts can be viewed and cards can be purchases HERE.


Okay, so the more I think about this, it's a beyond a NO-BRAINER. You pay $20 to get this card. You instantly have made a $5 profit, because you get the bonus restaurant certificate worth $25, and then the card itself gives you these discounts and more, for a full year (you can use the discounts multiple times).

Go and make money, while helping this wonderful family bring their sweet boy home! If Rachelle sells the number of cards she committed to, she will be fully funded! If not, she is in dire straits.

Click here and get started. You do NOT have to put her name in when you order, as she is the only recipient!

I'm going to get mine now!

To learn more about the Feinlands go here. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask Rachelle via her blog, or email me at

PS: I remember the old discount coupon books we used to sell for school fundraisers, and those always made your money back and then some, but they were so limited. You could only use some of the discounts once, and there weren't as many options. Heck, AMC Theater tix, Macy's discount, and Office Depot are going to be used right away by the Millers, I'll tell you that. Not to mention we love going out to eat, so that certificate will be gobbled up quickly!



  1. I shared your post on FB, Leila! If I win your drawing, I would love $15 to go to Zadie!

  2. I shared on fb and if I win I'd love the money to go to Darby 15h thank you! Brooke k.