Sunday, September 2, 2012

We interrupt this Orphan Report...

… to do a little analysis.

Half of the battle in saving international special needs orphans is getting the orphans seen. The more exposure, the more chance a family will come for them. My last few posts have been all about the exposure.

Exposure works, and there's been an exciting success story on this blog recently! One of the boys who had been on my tabs since the beginning, Nicholas, is soon to be an orphan no more! A new reader was clicking through the tabs last month, and when she saw his face, she was stopped in her tracks. She felt like she had found her son. She and her husband, neither of whom had any thoughts of adopting to that point, quickly committed to bringing Nicholas home! This whole blog has been worthwhile.

Mama's coming, Nicholas!! No more crying in your sleep!

The other half of the battle is getting the children home after a family is found and commits. That part is all about funding. There is no point in lamenting it, as it is what it is. All told, these adoptions cost between $15,000 and $50,000, depending on the country. Not many people have that kind of money lying around, obviously. Mentally, I think of it as a ransom.

So to pay the ransom for their children, families fundraise. They beg, plead, grovel. And they also get really creative. Auctions, bake sales, yard sales, craft sales, contests, giveaways, you name it, it's been done.

When I first "met" Sylvia Middleton months ago, she was trying to reunite her first adopted special needs daughter with a cribmate back at the Eastern European orphanage. I made a promise to help her raise the needed funds to save that second child. Since then, Sylvia and her husband have committed to bringing home another little girl, eight years old, who had been largely forgotten.


The Middletons have already raised most of the money they need, but are currently stalled. The stall is inducing a bit of panic, as they are traveling to get their girls within 5 - 6 weeks, and they remain about $6,000 short. This is a doable amount, however, and this is where I and other friends come in. We are directing your attention to Sylvia's creative and incentivized Baby Shower, where you can donate towards certain items, i.e., a meal while they are in-country, a night of housing, or part of the cost of a flight. You will see what I mean when you look, here.

It's really a win-win, because as you donate to help get their girls home, you gain entries into drawings for some amazing prizes like an iPad, a flat screen TV, a Keurig, cold hard cash, and much more (your choice). And whether or not you donate, you can also get an entry just for sharing the Baby Shower on your facebook*, twitter or blog!

I'm going to sweeten the pot here: The first ten people who donate $50 to the Middleton fund will get to have the Reece's Rainbow child of his/her choice put on a tab at the top of this blog. The very tabs that resulted in Nicholas' mom finding him!

And if that is not enough to move you to donate towards the girls' ransom, I will send you a video of me begging. Yes, I am willing to do it for them!! But please, don't make me. ;) Just click this link instead, and donate on the top right:

God bless you!! And next post, we are back to our regularly schedule line-up of orphans who need exposure to find families!

*If you normally find it uncomfortable to share orphan posts on facebook, or if this is your first time trying it, here is a tip that has worked well for me: Just put your cursor over the "recommend" button below this post, then close your eyes and click your mouse really quick and run away! Try it! It's painless, and it's almost fun! And the fruits might astound you.



  1. Thank you so so much Leila! You have been such an angel to our family and continue to be! We are so so close exciting but yet so scary!

  2. So amazing to see these precious babies get discovered by their parents! Go Sylvia!

    1. Becki, please feel free to post your link here! You've got a sweetie you are close to getting, too!

  3. That's so exciting about Nicolas!

    I really don't want to see you grovel, but at the same time, it'd be neat to see you in "person"!

    I have not been able to donate to anyone's fund in some time, and Sylvia has always been first for me. However, sales are finally starting to pick up again-if I can get two more rosaries sold this week, I'll donate the money to her! (Which means hopefully $50 which means a tab on your blog! I don't know how I will choose...)

  4. That is, I don't know how I will choose which orphan I would like featured...:-)

  5. Good morning kind and generous folks! Did you hear that we ONLY need $3100 to be fully funded?? Did you?? Did you also hear that we should be traveling to get him in under 4 weeks?? All so very exciting!

  6. Leila, I'm donating $50. I have another orphan I want featured on the top not one of the two I purchased with the auction.

  7. Becky D, email me at! Thank you!!!

  8. I have loved and prayed for little Nicholas. I gave as I could and was so delighted to see he was found. I hope his family has a blog or does a family summary on RR.

    Do you know what happened to Nadine? She is no longer on the RR site and it looks like the Marble family is adopting two boys instead of her and a little boy.

  9. Ce Ce, I'm not sure…? Hmmm…. I will see if I can find out.

  10. just trying to connect you: