Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Constantine: The story of a tiny boy

I stole that title from the blog of Beth Barnes, a woman who dearly loves Constantine -- the tiny little boy with the big and noble name.

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Beth brought Constantine to my attention a while back, and I was immediately drawn to his inviting smile. I quickly looked to his information and was disappointed to find that it was almost non-existent. All I learned about this little boy was the following:

Boy, born October 2009
Gray eyes
The nature of close, calm

Constantine is paralyzed on one side of his body; he is a beautiful child!

Yes, he is a beautiful child. A child who turned three years old this month. A sweet baby who needs a mama so badly. 

The photo, those few words, were not enough. Beth summed up the problem:

"For most of these [Reece's Rainbow] kids, their best chance is for a special person or family to find a sketchy passage and vague photo so compelling that they're motivated to do put the wheels in motion. In a way, it's all in the story. But not every child listed on Reece's Rainbow has the blessing of a compelling narrative to help pull at the heartstrings of prospective parents and donors."

So, as a spiritual mother would, Beth dug hard for more information on this precious child, and she came up with a much richer narrative, and one that just might bring this boy to life in the minds and hearts of his future family. Look what the volunteers at the orphanage in his region had to say about Constantine:

The translation is funny at points, but you can clearly make out that our boy is full of life and curiosity and spunk. My favorite line was "…how Constantine tries!" What a rich spirit in his tiny body!

And Beth was able to find photos of Constantine when he was still just a baby, beautiful photos that radiate his joy to all of us living in the world beyond his orphanage. Here is one to make your heart melt:

There are more, here.

Constantine needs out quickly, as he may only have a year or so until he is transferred from the familiarity of his baby house to an adult institution. He should never enter the walls of that institution; instead, he should be in Mama's arms, getting hugs and kisses and raspberries on his tummy, safe at home where he belongs.

Please, go and look at Beth's blog, join Constantine's facebook page that is linked there, and let's work together to make sure this cherub does not become a statistic.

And if you are able, please share this with one person you know who has never seen Reece's Rainbow, and who doesn't know about the plight of these sweet babies.

God bless you!


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