Monday, October 15, 2012

The "Lost Boys": Heath, Sasha, and Hanson

"Already transferred". Those are the words that chill the blood of anyone who advocates for Reece's Rainbow children.

It's worse when we know that the children have gone to join the Lost Boys. I've talked about the Lost Boys before, and I honestly don't have the stomach to do it again. The descriptions of what these boys and men endure are some of the most horrifying things I've ever read. Go here for some of the back story and context, as you will need to read up on the situation at least once, to really know.

The three boys I am profiling today are Lost Boys now: Sasha, Hanson, and Heath. With your help, they don't need to be Lost Boys forever.

Heath is one of the boys I have prayed for the longest, and I am not alone. People have been shouting for Heath for many years now (you'd never know from his tiny size that he is eleven years old). Recently, good folks have pulled together to push his grant to over $21,000! He is essentially fully funded for any family who is willing to step up and take him home! Finances are not an issue for anyone who will go and rescue this little boy:

I am Heath, and I need rescuing almost more than anyone else in the world.
Please click my photo for much more information. 

From his profile:
Heath is not a recent transfer. He has lived in the stifling boredom of institution life for a long time. He has lost the vivacity of life at the baby houses. In his three years at the institute, he has been given nothing of his own. He has not seen a book or a toy. He has never been gathered into anyone’s loving arms. He is a very lonely little fellow in desperate need of love and comfort.
Where is the hero who will rescue this boy from the hell that is his life? Must he continue in this harsh sentence, all for the "crime" of having Down Syndrome?


Eight-year-old Sasha is living the same fate as Heath. No one knows how this poor boy is doing because no one has seen him -- all we know is that he is still available for adoption, unlike most of the children in the Lost Boys' institution. So in that sense he is one of the "lucky ones" (an irony if there ever was one). His only opportunity to be saved rests in the hands of people like you who are reading this and might consider sharing his plight with others. Maybe you yourself would even be moved by God to go and take him into your home.

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Here is some information we have about Sasha from before his transfer out of the baby house:
He does a lot of rocking…in his crib, in his stroller…to keep himself occupied.  He has teeth marks in his tongue from chewing on it from boredom. We do not know if he truly has autism, or he is just so severely impacted by the CP or other birth trauma that the caregivers can’t really do much with him, and he turns to himself to soothe.
Sasha has over $9,000 in his grant, which can be used to fund his adoption.


To my knowledge, Hanson is the only other boy who is available for adoption from the Lost Boys' orphanage. He is only seven years old and should not be living in that unspeakable place. He may well be cognitively typical (though if so, his chance of staying that way for long is slim), and his medical conditions can be eased and treated in the United States.

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From his profile:
Congenital defect of the central nervous system, rachischisis of transverse part of spine, internal hydrocephalus, ventriculoperitoneostomia, flail legs (low extremities paraparesis).
Keep in mind that diagnoses from this region of Eastern Europe are often incorrect and less frightening than they sound. Hanson has over $2500 available in his adoption grant and a host of loving advocates who will help raise even more if a family should come forward!


I feel inadequate even writing about these Lost Boys who seem so devoid of any hope, but the truth is that they do have hope. You are their hope. Perhaps you are unable to adopt these precious children yourself, but you have a computer, you use social media, and you can spread the word. You can share their names and faces and ask others to do the same. The outreach can be exponential, but only if you have the courage to click the "send" button, or the "share" icon, or the "recommend" link. Silly YouTube video and funny memes go viral all the time, and we can make these boys go viral, too!

It really is their only earthly hope.

Please, share and pray.

God bless you for not turning away.

"Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, 
you did for me." -- Jesus Christ



  1. Praying their parents show up soon to bring their sons home.

  2. MY BOYS!!!!! I said it on the RR FB group, but I'll say it again. THANK YOU for sharing their faces. They are one of the main reasons we are moving across the world. God has something special for those boys, that place. Praying always. -Kim

  3. It's posts like these that make me feel helpless, I wish I were in the position to adopt right now. But I'm so thankful for this blog, because I know so many children are going to be found (and have been found) because of it.