Wednesday, November 28, 2012


For a tribute to the most wonderful little boy, and his loving mother:

Monday, November 26, 2012

This line jumped out at me...

"Kolya is 12 years old, and has been waiting for such a long time!"

And then I read further:

"[V]ery delicate and sensitive child who catches every touch, every word or a smile. He may long to sit next to a nice man and just hold hands, enjoying the warmth."

And then to realize that he was born in the exact month and year as one of my own sons…. well, it's hard to take. He is a loving boy with Down syndrome. Down syndrome is not a crime, and in fact, these children seem to have more love to give than "typical" children. He needs a home. He needs a mommy and a daddy to come and rescue him and give him a shot at real love and a good life.

Look at Kolya. He is irresistible!

Click my photo for more info!

Please, let's spread the word about this precious boy. He is ready to jump into a life of love and warmth. Could he be your son?

If not, could you spread the word?

And special note for those in Alberta, Canada! Check out this special cake fundraiser for Kolya!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Is Lilly your daughter?

Sweet, beautiful Lilly!

She has been waiting for so long, and yet she doesn't have time to wait. This precious five-year-old has a heart defect that needs surgical correction. The sooner Mama is found, the sooner she will get the medical attention she so desperately needs.

Click my photo for more info! Single moms and Canadian families welcome!

The good news is, Lilly has over $10,000 in her adoption grant just waiting to be used to bring her home. More good news? She is sweet and calm, and full of affection.

Is she your daughter? And if she is not your daughter, will you share her face and name with your family and friends? You may very well be the instrument that connects her to her family!

So many have loved this girl from afar, and there is a facebook page that is selling crafts to help grow her adoption fund (and Owen's). Just look at the beautiful pieces:

Also, there is a moving tribute to Lilly from one whose heart aches for her, here:

We can't let down this helpless, innocent girl, and together we will make sure she is rescued. May the Lord keep Lilly safe and peaceful until her family finds her at last.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Potpourri of orphan info!! So much going on!

New this morning: Brett and Masha have families!! Whoooooot! God is good!

Okay, I'm just gonna start listing stuff!!

Here's Malcolm, my soon-to-be godson, with the parents he has always longed for!

(Pictures removed for privacy.)

Malcolm, precious Malcolm, is finally in the first of the legal steps to coming home! His mama and daddy are pulling out all the stops to get the last $8,000 of the $45,000 they needed. Yep, that is all they have left, and it's very doable!

One way to help is to go to their blog and enter their most excellent giveaway! Here ya go:

If you don't care about giveaways and just want to donate directly, you can go here.


Sylvia's journey to reunite her two angels (and give them a big sister as well!) is finally coming to fruition! She leaves in less than two weeks to get Yulia and Elaine, who will finally be orphans no more! 

To help her in her quest, a group called "Anonymous Angels" has offered her a matching grant of $550, that needs to be met by Friday, November 15. So far, she has raised about $100 of the amount needed, so let's push her over the line! Every dollar you donate is doubled, and your blessing will come back to you a hundredfold!

Please go here to help Sylvia meet this crucial matching grant:


You remember that Andrew and Oliver are going to be brothers now, and Lynn is so close, also to being fully funded. Brenda Lamey has put together a very wonderful and very QUICK auction to get them rolling again:

One of the offerings is this lace Madonna and Child bookmark from the Abbey Lace collection. Designed by hand and made from the finest cotton on Jacquard looms, using technology first invented by the Victorians. Brand new in package, starting bid only $4! The perfect stocking stuffer!

Also, back by popular demand! A hand-knotted custom blanket that will cover a queen-sized bed or wrap up a few of your favorite people this winter! We were lucky to have two of these in the last auction, and the artist has graciously agreed to make another! Winner may chose boy/girl/neutral theme and have input on colors but will need to consult on final fabrics with the artist. Blanket retails for over $60, and starting bid is just $10! Shipping (approx. $15) will be added to the final winning bid.


There is also an amazing auction going on for Kara's Nico, with saints dolls that are going like hotcakes:

Blessed Mother Teresa!

And, how's this for a diaper bag??

For more great items in Nico's auction, go here:


Now, this auction is very special to me:

It's special because I have donated three of my late grandmother's vintage aprons, in pristine condition, all 1950s era. Check them out:

I know that my loving Grandma would be very happy to know that her aprons were being sold to help children in dire need.


This last announcement might be the most exciting! A wonderful friend, Sheila Riely, who runs the Life Choice's Women's Clinics here in Phoenix, has graciously offered an entire weekend of thrift shop sales, with every penny raised going to benefit RR orphans and families! The most amazing part is that there is a CAR for sale! It is offered for $3600! 

Year: 2003. 134,883 miles. Brake pads, rotors, fuel pump, serpentine belt & tires in 2011. Battery this year.
See more photos of the car, here!

Arizona friends, feel free to share this information on your blogs or facebook:

St. Gerard’s Treasures is located at 9120 N. 7th Street in North Central Phoenix, just across the Street from Life Choices Women’s Clinics (North Clinic office). Open 9:00am to 4:00pm.

I hope you all are as excited as I am! 

Please spread the word about all these great opportunities, and together we can save children's lives!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Janelle: Overlooked, but not forgotten

Janelle is five years old. According to her profile, "She was born with CP and struggles some with 'episyndrome'. She is not able to walk on her own, but would such a blessing to any family. She will remain bed/chair-ridden for life if she is not adopted."  

Look at this face! She is a beauty!
Click my image for more info!

Janelle is at high risk of being transferred, and we simply cannot let that happen to her. She is in a region that typically waives the 10-day waiting period (that is a blessing!), and large families are eligible to adopt. What a precious addition this sweet girl would be to any family.

I want to reach in the screen and kiss her plump cheeks! How I would love to get a smile out of this girl. Can you just imagine her giggle?

Please, consider Janelle. She has been waiting far too long, and she is oh so ready for a mommy and daddy of her own, and the kind of medical care that she is unable to receive in her own country.

If you are not in a position to adopt, please share her face and story with others. It only takes one person to see her and her life will be saved.

Hang on, Janelle! You have not been forgotten!


Thursday, November 8, 2012


My two favorite boys, Andrew and Oliver, are going to be brothers for life!!!!

YES, it's true! The Spiveys are bringing home both boys!!!

Andrew                                                                                       Oliver

I fell in love and began advocating for Oliver back in February, when he had only $13 in his account, and to think that he is now, finally, going to a mommy and a daddy who love him, with sisters and a brother -- well, I can hardly contain my joy!

And Andrew! Oh, I have been so in love with Andrew since I first saw him in that horrible video, walking around in his crib, bored out of his mind -- just as he has done day after day for years.

The Spiveys are compiling their dossier and trying furiously to meet the winter shut-down deadline, so time is of the essence to get them fully funded.

NOW is the fun part: There are two brand new videos of the boys, and you will soon see them!! One video is the first ever of Oliver, and he is with Andrew, his soon-to-be brother. The other is of Andrew alone, and well, you simply have to see it to believe it! It will fill you with joy!

So, the plan is that as soon as Lynn's chip-in reaches  $4,000 (watch the stalk, as she is close to it), we will release the videos for all to see! And if you simply cannot wait to see what I have viewed dozens of times already, then please donate at least $25 to her chip-in, and we will let you jump the line and see the videos privately! Such a deal!

Thank you so much and please leave a comment here or on the Spiveys' blog if you donated at least $25 and want to get the video links immediately! Otherwise, thank you for any donation amount, which will all add up to getting those videos released to public for all to enjoy!

Click here to donate (it's on the top right):

Bringing Andrew and Oliver Home!

God bless the Spiveys for taking these precious boys into their hearts and home, and thanks for spreading the word on your own blogs, facebook, and twitter!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Heartbreak for Nanette

I hate it every time I hear it.

We prayed she'd be rescued before it happened, but she wasn't.

Nanette has been transferred from her baby house to an institution. This is not good news.

Nanette is a beautiful girl, described as gentle and shy. She was raised in an excellent baby house, and now the only life she has ever known has been turned upside down. It is hard imagine the confusion and fear and loss she must be experiencing in a new environment where nothing is familiar to her.

This precious doll baby is just four years old and is waiting to have a mama of her very own to love. She has been transferred, yes, but she can still be adopted. Please, share her face and her story. It really is the only way that she can be saved.

Please come for me! Click my photo for more information.

Girl, born August 2008
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde
Nature: Calm
Nanette has Down syndrome, and has had heart surgery.
Nanette was in a very good baby house, but HAS BEEN TRANSFERRED!!
More photos available.
$4742.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption