Thursday, November 1, 2012

Heartbreak for Nanette

I hate it every time I hear it.

We prayed she'd be rescued before it happened, but she wasn't.

Nanette has been transferred from her baby house to an institution. This is not good news.

Nanette is a beautiful girl, described as gentle and shy. She was raised in an excellent baby house, and now the only life she has ever known has been turned upside down. It is hard imagine the confusion and fear and loss she must be experiencing in a new environment where nothing is familiar to her.

This precious doll baby is just four years old and is waiting to have a mama of her very own to love. She has been transferred, yes, but she can still be adopted. Please, share her face and her story. It really is the only way that she can be saved.

Please come for me! Click my photo for more information.

Girl, born August 2008
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde
Nature: Calm
Nanette has Down syndrome, and has had heart surgery.
Nanette was in a very good baby house, but HAS BEEN TRANSFERRED!!
More photos available.
$4742.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption