Thursday, December 6, 2012

Anne, the little dolly

What a beautiful little girl, just four years old and waiting so long for a family of her own.

Click my pretty picture for more information!

Isn't she just a doll??? Clearly, she has been cared for, and that is one small consolation as we consider her urgent situation.

Anne suffers from a generalize form of epilepsy, seizures, and mild mental delays. I suspect that her condition is treatable and that she can overcome those delays when she is out of institutional living and in an American home where she can get proper love and care!

She has been listed for as long as I've been following Reece's Rainbow, and yet she has very little money in her adoption grant -- only $15. That's just sad, isn't it? She should be someone's precious princess, not an orphan unknown.

Anne can be adopted by older parents and large families, so there is great hope for her in the pool of potential families that are out there! Please, spread her pretty face around, and let's increase her chances. She is young and clearly has the spark of life! It would be a tragedy to see her transferred to an adult institution (which is usually done around this age… I'm still praying she is in the baby house).

In my mind's eye, I can see someone out there receiving her photo in an email or on facebook, gasping, and realizing that Anne is her own daughter.

For the sake of this little girl, let's work to make that happen!


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