Thursday, December 27, 2012

Meet Mack! And let's make him known!

Oh, how I wish I could tell you everything there is to know about this sweet, quiet boy with Down Syndrome who is about to turn five. But there is only this adorable photo, and the following short description:

So cute! Mack is happy and active. 
Walking, able to use his ride on toys, likes to play with others.

Sounds like the perfect son to me! Mack, surely your mama is out there? Maybe even reading this post?

Click my photo for more info!

Wonderful Lisa is a mom who advocates for Mack, and she has this to say:

My 13 year old daughter Meredith (who also has Down syndrome) and I pray for him with all our hearts. We want him to know the love and care of a family because he is a precious boy who deserves a chance to live up to his potential outside the walls of an institution. I keep praying that someone will see his adorable face on there and claim him for their own!

Lisa and Meredith's prayers to the heavens, combined with some legwork on the ground, is what will make the difference for this boy. It's in spreading his name and face that we will find a mama for this beautiful child! Please, help Mack find his way out of an orphanage and into a real family!


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