Sunday, December 2, 2012

The boy no one knows

Brett is just a little boy with Down Syndrome, but he seems like a ghost in some ways -- no one has seen him, and no one seems to know anything about him. The following information, and a grainy photo, is all we have:

Boy, Born August 23, 2001

Diagnosis: Down Syndrome, Severe lagging behind in his development, Alopetio areata.  The photo was taken on May 2009. This child had a rough start in his life. Immediately after giving birth to him in the open country she abandoned him on the field. He was found and taken to the hospital. His condition was poor but the doctors saved his life.


Click photo for more info on Brett.

Brett has a wonderful "spiritual mother" who loves him very much from across an ocean, and who brought him to my attention. Here is what Laura Welchert has to say about "her" boy:

It's so hard to write anything about Brett b/c so little is known about him. I don't have any other pictures, or first hand accounts. Each time a new horrendous picture of some abused and neglected child comes up, I was always wonder is this also happening to Brett? I think he is so overlooked because of the lack of info and I think that fact puts him at greater risk.

I was assigned to be Brett's Prayer Warrior 10 months ago, the same length of time it would take to see a full term pregnancy through. I have prayed daily for this child, the same way I did with all of my children while I was in waiting to meet them. Chances are, I will never meet this little guy. I have hung his picture on my living room wall, the same way I hung each of my ultrasounds on the door of the refrigerator. My hope is Brett's sweet face will grace the walls of his family's home one day. 

My worries of "will my kids get everything they want for Christmas this year" are silenced by my dread of "will Brett get enough to eat tonight". Brett is not my child, but he has shaped this mother's heart. At this time very little is known about Brett. He is in a remote orphanage and is the only child listed with RR from his area, so even his living conditions are an unknown. What we do know is that he is he fought for life only to have it hidden away and he now needs someone to step up and fight for him. I urge anyone to spend some time in prayer over him and allow God to guide you in the ways He sees fit for you to help this sweet child.

Katie Beth also has a great post about him as well. We just love this boy to pieces! Our auction for him ends tomorrow, but of course we will continue to fundraise for him until Angel Tree is over and will do anything to get this boy to his forever family!!

Along with Laura and Katie Beth, I beg you to pray for and about Brett. Share his face, tell his story, so that he is no longer a ghost to people, but a real boy. Laura is happy to talk to anyone who might want to help Brett find his way into a loving home.

Just say the word and I will put you in touch.

May the Lord bless and comfort Brett until his day of deliverance comes.



  1. Thank you Leila. So much. There are no words to express it, really. Oh, and FYI for anyone reading, once Brett and my Angel Tree boy, Elden 14G, both meet their goals, I am shaving my head on video to post for all to see! I promise it shall be amusing! PLEASE come help us get Brett funded! He deserves so much more than the heartbreaking hand he has been dealt. And I KNOW that God did not save him from certain death as an infant only for him to live out his (likely short) life in an institution...

    1. It is my privilege! Thank you for all you are doing for him. He is loved!

      And yes, that should be quite amusing, ha ha!!

  2. Hi Leila-- Love this site. If you do not mind I would like to send you a copy of my ebook, The Priest and the Peaches. Based on a true story it is about five kids who are orphaned and, with guidance from a parish priest and a lot of faith, manage to stay together as a family. Just thought you might enjoy it. (Actually, It is based on me and my siblings from WAYYY back in the 60s.) You can take a peek at My email is
    Thanks for this site. Best wishes Larry Peterson

    1. Larry, thank you! I am going to check out your site! Wow, you have had quite a life. Praise God for your faith!