Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Three with HIV who break my heart. They are just like your children.

Oh, my heart. I have kids this age.

Please meet three older children with HIV, who are fully functioning, typical kids, and who are only in orphanages because of their HIV status. Ironically, these kids are living perfectly healthy lives with a normal lifespan ahead:

Beautiful Estelle, age 14

Dashing Gerard, age 14

Handsome Brian, age 11

Aren't they gorgeous? And, doesn't it frustrate the heck out of you that they are relegated to life in an orphanage for no good reason? It makes me crazy. It makes no sense!

Please click any of their pictures for more information, and please look here for quick FAQs about HIV. It is not scary anymore. It's really not.

This is the part that is just so hard to take: Although HIV is not spread by casual contact, hugging, kissing, being on the playground, or playing sports (the virus is not found in sweat, tears, urine, saliva, or snot), these children have no future in their home country once they age out of the system at age 16. I can't even bear to tell you what they face. Let's just say that their futures are very, abysmally bleak. Again, for no good reason!

Please consider adopting an older child with HIV, as it really is the only chance that child will get. And please, please, please, help spread the word about these precious ones, who are just like the rest of us, in need of families and love and a future.

God bless you!



  1. As horrible as the medical needs are for some of the other kids, I think the HIV kids have just as bad of a fate. Being cognitively developmentally normal yet still being in an orphanage. HIV is so manageable and I wish it weren't so scary for folks.

  2. Our Lady of Guadalupe, you said, "Am I not here who am your Mother" Are you not under my shadow and my protection? Am I not your fountain of life? Are you not in the folds of my mantle? In the crossing of my arms? Is there anything else you need?" Please hold these children, so in need of a Mother, gently in the folds of your mantle. Provide many singular graces, to which you have been given access by your Son, to comfort them and to let them know the love of their heavenly Father. Open hearts and homes to these and all of the children at Reese's Rainbow.

  3. Estelle and Gerard are being adopted by the same family! When I happened to click over to the fundraiser being held for a number of different families, I saw them and thought I'd seen them elsewhere. Since you're one of two adoption advocacy blogs I read frequently, I thought it must be you.