Monday, January 28, 2013

Two months ago, Henry died. His mom is asking you for a favor.

Reprinted from wonderful Carla's blog today. Please consider sharing….


Two months ago today, Henry died.

As my pastor Fr. Greg said at his funeral, "He went from hell to the heaven of your arms to the heaven that never ends."

Today I bring you Darren...

Another little boy living in Henry's country....who needs to come to the heaven of a family before being transferred to the hell of an institution.

He SHOULD have been transferred to that institution NOW because he just turned 5 years old...

but an advocate friendly with the director at the baby house got them to give him 6 MONTHS before transfer.

He has 6 months to find a family or the rest of his life will look like this.

According to a family who met him in late 2012 (while adopting their child), he is gentle with others. He listens to and follows basic directions from caregivers. He has a developmental delay in all areas. He has "clubfeet" and walks with help.

Abby has met him before and blogged about him HERE and she took this precious photo and wrote these words: "He is in this photo. You can't see his face, but you can see affection. He used the small fence around the play area for support to walk over to this little girl and gently rub her hair."

Today I am going to ask you for a favor.

PLEASE share Darren....

in honor of Henry...

to find him a family before it is too late.

A friend has provided a $100 Prepaid Mastercard. If you share Darren's Reece's Rainbow profile:

you get an entry to win the card (leave a comment below telling me how you shared).

If you share Darren's Facebook Group:

Darren Needs a Family

you get an entry to win the card (leave a comment under my FB post)

If you blog about Darren on YOUR blog (and leave a comment and link to your blog here) you get 5 entries to win the card.

We are running this "SHARIN' DARREN GIVEAWAY" from today until February 28...

or until he finds a family, whichever comes first :-)

We are not asking for money for his Reece's Rainbow grant fund...but if you want to go to his Reece's Rainbow profile page linked above and click the "Donate Now" button on the bottom left and put in a little something today to show his family that we will support them when the time comes... would make this grieving momma's day a bit brighter.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Tatiana, the little dollie!

I've been following Tatiana for as long as I have been following the Reece's Rainbow children, and like everyone else, I fell in love with this beautiful face. Who wouldn't?

A family had hoped to adopt her, but when they arrived in her country and met her, Tatiana's needs were far greater than what they had expected. Reluctantly, they had to let her go (and they did go on to adopt another orphan more suited to the level of care they could give). 

So, Tatiana is sill available, and waiting for that very special family that can take on a child with FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) and possibly other conditions or behavioral issues that have been exacerbated by life in an institution. She is just six years old, and I pray that by her seventh birthday, she will have a family committed to bringing her home.

If you might be that special family, please click on Tatiana's photo for more information. 

If you are not her family, consider sharing her on your blog or facebook page, as exposure (and lots of it!) saves these children. 

And please, don't forget to pray for her. 


Friday, January 11, 2013

Sisters! One could save the other.

Just look at these beautiful girls.

Karen and Chrystyna are sisters, and in a strange twist of fate (or more accurately, God's providence), Karen has an opportunity to be adopted, even though other teen orphans her age, in her country, can no longer legally be adopted.

You see, Karen is a healthy 16-year-old girl with no special needs (aside from needing a family), and as long as she is adopted with her little sister, Chrystyna -- who is ten years old and does have some special needs -- Karen also can be saved! The law allows for keeping siblings together.

In this unusual case, Chrystyna's special needs ironically become a blessing to her sister, as both girls are given the extraordinary opportunity to stay together and be saved from sad fates in their own country.

Click for more information on beautiful Karen!
Click photo for much more information on Chrystyna,
and a second picture!

Please consider these sisters for your daughters, and if you cannot be their family, then please pray for them, and share their information.

These gorgeous girls have so much promise. They just need someone, somewhere, to say "yes".


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Urgent diaper drive for orphans!

I have received a heartfelt plea from Sylvia Middleton, who is bringing home her two girls from Eastern Europe:

My husband and I are in country right now adopting two girls! We visit our youngest soon-to-be daughter's orphanage everyday and have seen first hand the extreme, urgent need for diapers there!

Several times, our little one has leaked through on us and when we check her diaper, it always appears to have not been changed the entire day. I don't think this is because of neglect. I think it is because the orphanage does not receive the funding to be able to give each child more than one diaper change a day!

We have purchased diapers for our girl and gave them to her caregivers but they are not just using them for her, they are using them for all of the children in her groupa. I understand this. However, we are doing this diaper drive to be able to give the entire orphanage a stockpile of diapers that will last them a while and hopefully will get these babies dry and keep them that way for a while.

We will do the diaper drive from now until next Friday, January 11th. Before we leave to come back home, we will purchase as many packs of diapers as money that has been donated will allow. We will also take a picture of all of the diapers being delivered to the orphanage and post it.

If you feel to donate to this cause please see the chip-in link listed here, or simply donate using the link below.

(My friend, Kelly Fowler, and fellow orphan advocate set up the chip-in up herself to vouch for the fact that the funding is being used for this purpose.)

Thank you so much,
The Middleton Family

Thanks to everyone who contributes to help these babies, and thank you for prayers, even if you can't contribute at this time.

God bless you!