Friday, January 11, 2013

Sisters! One could save the other.

Just look at these beautiful girls.

Karen and Chrystyna are sisters, and in a strange twist of fate (or more accurately, God's providence), Karen has an opportunity to be adopted, even though other teen orphans her age, in her country, can no longer legally be adopted.

You see, Karen is a healthy 16-year-old girl with no special needs (aside from needing a family), and as long as she is adopted with her little sister, Chrystyna -- who is ten years old and does have some special needs -- Karen also can be saved! The law allows for keeping siblings together.

In this unusual case, Chrystyna's special needs ironically become a blessing to her sister, as both girls are given the extraordinary opportunity to stay together and be saved from sad fates in their own country.

Click for more information on beautiful Karen!
Click photo for much more information on Chrystyna,
and a second picture!

Please consider these sisters for your daughters, and if you cannot be their family, then please pray for them, and share their information.

These gorgeous girls have so much promise. They just need someone, somewhere, to say "yes".


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