Monday, January 28, 2013

Two months ago, Henry died. His mom is asking you for a favor.

Reprinted from wonderful Carla's blog today. Please consider sharing….


Two months ago today, Henry died.

As my pastor Fr. Greg said at his funeral, "He went from hell to the heaven of your arms to the heaven that never ends."

Today I bring you Darren...

Another little boy living in Henry's country....who needs to come to the heaven of a family before being transferred to the hell of an institution.

He SHOULD have been transferred to that institution NOW because he just turned 5 years old...

but an advocate friendly with the director at the baby house got them to give him 6 MONTHS before transfer.

He has 6 months to find a family or the rest of his life will look like this.

According to a family who met him in late 2012 (while adopting their child), he is gentle with others. He listens to and follows basic directions from caregivers. He has a developmental delay in all areas. He has "clubfeet" and walks with help.

Abby has met him before and blogged about him HERE and she took this precious photo and wrote these words: "He is in this photo. You can't see his face, but you can see affection. He used the small fence around the play area for support to walk over to this little girl and gently rub her hair."

Today I am going to ask you for a favor.

PLEASE share Darren....

in honor of Henry...

to find him a family before it is too late.

A friend has provided a $100 Prepaid Mastercard. If you share Darren's Reece's Rainbow profile:

you get an entry to win the card (leave a comment below telling me how you shared).

If you share Darren's Facebook Group:

Darren Needs a Family

you get an entry to win the card (leave a comment under my FB post)

If you blog about Darren on YOUR blog (and leave a comment and link to your blog here) you get 5 entries to win the card.

We are running this "SHARIN' DARREN GIVEAWAY" from today until February 28...

or until he finds a family, whichever comes first :-)

We are not asking for money for his Reece's Rainbow grant fund...but if you want to go to his Reece's Rainbow profile page linked above and click the "Donate Now" button on the bottom left and put in a little something today to show his family that we will support them when the time comes... would make this grieving momma's day a bit brighter.


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