Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Urgent diaper drive for orphans!

I have received a heartfelt plea from Sylvia Middleton, who is bringing home her two girls from Eastern Europe:

My husband and I are in country right now adopting two girls! We visit our youngest soon-to-be daughter's orphanage everyday and have seen first hand the extreme, urgent need for diapers there!

Several times, our little one has leaked through on us and when we check her diaper, it always appears to have not been changed the entire day. I don't think this is because of neglect. I think it is because the orphanage does not receive the funding to be able to give each child more than one diaper change a day!

We have purchased diapers for our girl and gave them to her caregivers but they are not just using them for her, they are using them for all of the children in her groupa. I understand this. However, we are doing this diaper drive to be able to give the entire orphanage a stockpile of diapers that will last them a while and hopefully will get these babies dry and keep them that way for a while.

We will do the diaper drive from now until next Friday, January 11th. Before we leave to come back home, we will purchase as many packs of diapers as money that has been donated will allow. We will also take a picture of all of the diapers being delivered to the orphanage and post it.

If you feel to donate to this cause please see the chip-in link listed here, or simply donate using the link below.

(My friend, Kelly Fowler, and fellow orphan advocate set up the chip-in up herself to vouch for the fact that the funding is being used for this purpose.)

Thank you so much,
The Middleton Family

Thanks to everyone who contributes to help these babies, and thank you for prayers, even if you can't contribute at this time.

God bless you!



  1. My brother and SIL gave the orphanage that took care of Alex to buy meat for the children and new seems that these orphanages really lack a lot.

    I'll try to contribute to Sylvia's diaper drive; diapers are important to keep away sores...

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