Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tears and prayers for Marina Z

There is a beautiful little four-year-old girl who lives across the ocean and who is loved very much. We know her as "Marina Z", and although she is an orphan, there is a family who would take her into their home in a heartbeat, but they do not qualify for her country's requirements. Sadly, her country is now closed to all Americans wishing to adopt.

However, the woman who introduced me to her -- the woman who wishes she could be Marina's mother -- wants you to know her and pray for her. Here is Michelle, in her own words:

It is tough to write about my Sweet Marina Z without crying. Since I started advocating for her 2 years ago, so many people have said that they were surprised that they had not noticed her. She is so beautiful and such a good girl and last year in April she turned 4 and was transferred away from the only home she had ever known to an “older child” facility far away from her Baby House. Even before the ban on U.S. adoptions in her country, my husband and I did not qualify to adopt her, so I pray and fundraise and pray and pray that she will finally catch the eye of her Mommy and Daddy and they will bring her home. Even with the adoption ban, I continue to pray—for her to feel the arms of God around her and feel comfort; for her country to come to their senses and remove the ban; for her Mommy and Daddy to find her and go and get her… She is such a sweet girl. I hope that those who may read this can join me in praying for her future family. I cannot lose hope. I love Sweet Marina Z so much. Thank you.

Marina Z's profile describes her this way:

Marina is another tiny munchkin who needs a loving family to help her be as active and mobile as she can! … Blonde-haired, inquisitive, sociable, happy. Enjoys educational games. Dances. Loves to play ball, rolls and throws a ball. Compassionate, feels sorry for a crying child.

Dear readers, prayers transcend time and space, and God can do miracles if he wills -- even the miracle of letting a little orphan girl feel waves of love from people she cannot see and will never meet. Thank you for praying, both for Marina Z and for the officials in her country, that their hearts may be softened and the adoption ban lifted.


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