Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Simon is my son's age. He hasn't got much time.

I have a son, Paul, who is just a few months younger than Simon. My son is a freshman in  high school, making good grades, enjoying sports and leisure and the love of a stable family in a cozy, safe home. He has every chance in life.

Simon, who might have been my son's friend in another life, is experiencing his own life very differently. When he turns 16 in October, he will have lost his chance to be adopted. He has about six months before his hope for a family is gone. I am begging you to spread the word about this young man, and let's rally to find him a family before it's too late.

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A wonderful woman named Jane George met Simon last February and took the pictures you see here. In her own words:
Simon on Reece's Rainbow is as bright as a button. Somehow he found my bag, he had found my phone, he was mortified...he had broken it. Actually he had taken the whole phone apart to be more accurate, it sat in pieces. The look on his face as he brought it apologetically to me said an awful lot about this boy, he was crestfallen, mortified, just so sorry. But that twinkle was still there, I suspect if I had spent more time with him I would have liked him very much. I suspect I would have seen a boy of great potential, a fun spirit and a dreaming vision. 
This is a boy who wants a family, the workers who do spend time with him, who do know him even say this! But Simon is running out of time, he needs somebody to act now....right now, before he ages out! He has only till this October to be adopted.

Watch this video where you can see his twinkling eyes and bright smile and listen to his voice (he has a special message)….

I am told by another lady who knows him that he dearly wishes for a family and is getting more and more discouraged. Please don't let Simon be lost forever, never having known a real family. Spread the word, and please pray. His family must be out there somewhere, but they need to act fast.

God bless you for not turning a blind eye to Simon in his urgent need. As the mother of a spirited teen boy his age, I know what a blessing he will be for some wonderful family.

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