Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sweet Iris (with a huge adoption grant!)

The older children with HIV are heartbreakers to me. It is so unjust that they sit without families, languishing in orphanages, when they should be doing what every other child at their age does, beloved by mom and dad, perhaps with siblings, growing strong and happy and healthy.

Iris is a young lady (born 2001) with a beautiful smile and a heart of gold.

Read what one visitor said about her just last year:
"Iris is a sweet girl who loves attention and physical affection. She loves to be hugged and will play with your hair and sit in your lap. She is a big helper within her group, and is a good friend (more like a big sister) to many of the other kids in her group. She is very affectionate with those kids, and will play with them and try to pick them up. She has great play skills, and loves dolls. She also enjoys playing with balloons (hitting them back and forth to other people), and coloring with markers. I have been told she was not burnt, but that she has a birthmark. She is taking medication for her hiv. Her cognitive abilities and social awareness are not what you would expect from a child of her age, and I am not sure how much of this is due to orphanage delays."

This precious child has over $16,000 available in her grant, which can be used to fund her adoption. The rest could easily be raised by a few strategic fundraisers. Iris has many Reece's Rainbow followers who love her and would be happy to help a family bring her home.

Please click on her photos for more information, and please, spread the word and pray for Iris to find the family she has hoped for!