Sunday, June 30, 2013

Be still my heart!

Oh, look at this angel!

Noah is a six-year-old by with cerebral palsy, who would no doubt be helped immensely by the care of American doctors and therapists.

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His profile info gives so much hope…
Noah is a sweet boy with light brown hair and big blue eyes. He was born with CP and is significantly cognitively delayed. He is not able to walk at this time, but loves to be held and loves attention and affection. His possibilities are endless!
...and he has $1,000 in his adoption fund already!

C'mon guys, let's find Noah his forever family! You can see he's ready to go home and be loved by his mommy and daddy! Something tells me he is going to be an amazing son. :)


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Marshall!! How can this be?

This little sprite was two years old when I first spotted him last year:

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I never in a million years thought he'd still be waiting at the age of three, but he is still in the orphanage, a little, perfect boy needing a family:

Marshall, when oh when will it be your turn? I will not stop shouting for you till you have found your family

God bless you, sweet boy! Stay strong!