Friday, July 26, 2013

Carol, a little doll!

This sweet little angel, Carol, has Down Syndrome and is on the verge of turning three years old! What a precious little girl sitting on her great big toy! 

Click my photo for more details!

She is a lively one, as her profile shows:

Carol loves sitting and rocking on her hobby horse!  She is enjoys listening to music and rocking on her horse.  She can sit on the bed steadily and can stand with hands holding onto the bed rails.  Sometimes when she sees other children take her favorite toy she will try and take it back.

Sounds like a fighting spirit to me! Life in an institution has not squashed her yet. ;) Wouldn't it be a dream to see this small, hopeful child in the arms of loving parents? With a warm bed and a cozy room, maybe a pet and some siblings to call her own? Please pray for Carol, and spread the word. She is deserving of a home and a family, like every little girl should have. Her potential is so great, and she just needs the chance.