Monday, November 11, 2013

Tatiana needs redemption


Tatiana is a beautiful little girl, and she has a $200 matching grant running until November 16. Anything you donate to her fund up to that amount will be matched, dollar for dollar. From a woman who met her one year ago:

Tatiana is a darling, sweet little girl that I had the pleasure of meeting exactly one year ago today.  She is living in an orphanage in Eastern Europe without a family to call her own.  She desperately wants and needs a family.  This is an account from another adoptive family who also met Tatiana in 2011.
Tatiana is a sweetheart, and she wants a mama so badly. When we’d go to get our kids, she kept asking “And Tania? And Tania?” She would sob when we would leave her with the groupa. Out of all the kids there, she was the only that I saw playing pretend – eating pretend food, taking care of baby dolls. She is very emotionally fragile, and she seems to get overwhelmed. She is very small and thin. She has big blue eyes, and she desperately wants to be held and cuddled.
Along with growing up from birth without the love of a family, she is also living with HIV.  In the United States, living with HIV means taking daily medication, and living a full life.  That is not what it means in Eastern Europe.

If she makes it to 16, she will be put on the streets with a modest amount of money.  She will be given an ID card that states she is an orphan, and that she is HIV positive.  Even if she had skills, no one will hire her because of her orphan and HIV status.  She will not have access to her necessary medication. She will likely turn to a life of crime (prostitution, stealing), and drug and alcohol abuse.  Some orphanages have informants telling people in the sex trade when the children are going to be released.  They are easy marks.  They have no family or friends.  No one will even notice they are missing.

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Tatiana needs our help.  By donating to her grant, it could encourage a family to step forward and bring her into their home. To give her a family.  International adoption is very costly, and is a major hurdle for some.  

No child should have to face this future.  Please consider donating to Tatiana by clicking here.

God bless you for caring, and please remember that the $200 matching grant for Tatiana ends on November 16.

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