[If you came to this page randomly, you will note that it is "different" than the other children's tabs. That's because this tab is a stop on an internet scavenger hunt, which started here.]

Welcome to the next stop on the scavenger hunt! At your last stop, I told you that Karen Pullano had clicked her way to this blog and then began clicking on the children's tabs at the top. A few tabs in was Nicholas' name, and when she hit it, this is what she saw:

Karen felt an immediate connection to this little boy in the grainy photograph, and when her husband looked he felt the same inexplicable draw. But since they had no thoughts or desires about adoption, she shrugged and closed the computer for the night.

Then she went to bed and cried herself to sleep.

Karen is not a crier.

The next several days were filled with more inexplicable and uncharacteristic tears; clearly The Holy Spirit was trying to get her attention. She contacted Reece’s Rainbow to find out more information, but when she was told that Nicholas was halfway around the world and she would need to leave her 7 kids for 3 different trips, she once again ‘closed the door’ on the idea.

But surrender happened over the course of days. On August 9, just five days after the first carefree email I got from her, I received this email from Karen:
Me again...
this time about Nicholas*.  Excuse the stalking but I just couldn't shake the feeling that I was at your blog - very on purpose.  So the orphan report and Nicholas - absolute complete love at first sight.  I never dreamed of considering adopting a child with ds.  I saw him and considered it.  Then just as quickly dismissed the idea since I can barely handle what I've got on my plate as it is.  Then cried myself to sleep.  Then cried myself through the next three days.  The trips to Russia - impossible.  Meeting the needs of a child with DS - crazy - I don't have a clue.   
But I love this little boy as if he were already mine.  I can't think of anything else.  I haven't cried this much - actually I don't think I did cry this much when our son died. I am not a crier.   
I want to go get him and bring him home.  I contacted an adoption agency to get the paperwork started.  
So two things - Please pray for a little miracle in my husband's heart.  I think he's concerned about providing for long term care when we are gone. pray pray pray.   
and second - do you have any other info on him????  Do you know of any other families wanting to adopt him?  I just want him to have a family so much so if you do have a lead that would be closer and money is the problem then I'd love to know. 
We should have an 8 year old boy in our family anyway - and we can work towards affording it so the only problem - as far as I can tell is fear.  Most of our kids already love him too  (It's only been a few days and we've only seen one little picture! crazy) 
sorry - no one else in my life can really know about this until I get hubby really on board.  He loves his patient's with DS.  He's always mentioned adoption but I've never entertained it. 
Nicholas's picture is on our fridge and the rest is in God's hands. 
Thanks for advocating for all these kids.  

Karen was eventually able to put aside her tremendous fears and was willing to follow where God was leading her, even if it meant going halfway around the world to do it. I'll let Karen tell you the rest. Your next stop on the scavenger hunt is HERE!

*Funny story: When I read "Nicholas", I thought she was talking about a commenter on my blog who had been sparring a bit with me! Took me a minute to realize she was talking about Nicholas!


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