Monday, June 25, 2012

Tragedy: Porter has joined The Lost Boys. UPDATED with video!


This is a Monday blog blitz for Porter, a sweet boy who is HIV+ and was very recently transferred from a good baby house to one of the most horrific places that even an adult could imagine. He must be totally traumatized at the change, and so several bloggers are trying to give him as much exposure as we can so that he can get out of that institution as quickly as possible.

Here is six-year-old Porter, from his profile (picture taken when he was younger):

Here are some photos that we are almost sure is Porter (in gray shirt), taken just months ago when he was still at his baby house:

As you can see, he is able to use his hands normally, and does not seem terribly delayed.

But those were better days for Porter, and now his existence is among the Lost Boys in an place unthinkable for a child. I believe that only two children have ever been adopted from the Lost Boys' institution, and the first boy's mother wrote a series of posts (with photos) about what it's like there. These posts will change you forever; I was riveted and could not stop reading last night. Start from the bottom and go up:

(If you can only read one or two posts, make it this one and this one.)

Watch this video, below, of Porter dancing joyfully at his baby house. Then picture this same child in the horrible, hopeless institution where he has just been transferred. Ladies, show your husbands the video and then have them read the Lost Boy posts. It will melt the heart of any reluctant man.

Only Porter, Heath and Hanson are available for adoption from the Lost Boys' institution. We must find them a way out. Heath has already been there for years. He has over $9,000 available in his grant, and still no one has come for him. Hanson's grant is over $2,000 now, just like Porter's!

Please, please, don't forget the Lost Boys, and please, someone rescue the ones that can still be saved.

And please visit The Wonder of Boys blog for links to all those who posted about Porter today, on this "Monday for Porter" blog blast! We will get that boy out of there and into a proper family!


It's hard to switch gears after that, but I want to let you know about a fabulous giveaway that made my head turn:

You have until July 3rd to enter to help Elijah's family bring him home!

And please don't forget to help Sylvia and her husband bring back an older, already institutionalized orphan, by entering the iPad drawing, here:

Donations desperately needed, but even if you simply share the link with your friends on social media (and let Sylvia know!), you'll get an entry!

God bless you all for loving these children!



  1. You have got to be kidding me regarding the resort giveaway... that is where my in-laws vacation every Christmas - this year it should be those exact dates. We *never* have enough money to join them and it's a big, sad ordeal every single year because it means my hubby has to miss Christmas with his family. I am taking that as a sign God wants me to donate to their adoption fund b/c my hubby would flip out if we won that... I realize it's a slim chance, but winning is obviously not the point anyway and God sure works in some funny ways to help bring these kids home. :)

    The Lost Boys... oh my... so, so... wrong, sad... I don't even have words.

  2. Sarah, seriously?? That would be an AMAZING twist of fate if you won! I will pray hard that you do (is that cheating? ha ha!).

    And, I know… I can't even get over what happens to those little boys.

  3. Haha, thank you! I don't think it's cheating? Seriously, if we won, I'd encourage his entire family (or at least anyone who stayed at that resort w/ us) to chip in to Elijah's adoption fund too. One can dream. :)

  4. Gosh, now I really hope you win! Ha ha! Hey, someone's gonna win, and it may as well be you! :)